Why An Intimate Wedding Might Be Right For You

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Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful and hectic. Some things to consider typically include venue, catering, accommodations, who to invite, and how much to spend, and that's just the beginning of the list. If just looking at that list is exhausting, it might be time to consider a tiny wedding plan. Why go tiny for your big day? Read on to see if small, intimate wedding packages are right for you.

Romantic And Intimate

With larger weddings, some with hundreds of people, it's easy to forget who the big day's really about. Keeping your wedding smaller and more intimate can help you focus on the people who are truly important in the lives of you and your partner. Cutting out the excess and long guest list can make for a much more romantic and memorable experience.

Better Experience On A Budget

The bill for a larger wedding can get out of hand fairly quickly with the many expenses that come with a longer guest list. By limiting your guest list to the most important people, you'll be able to save more money while still having a meaningful experience with memories to last a lifetime. With the money you save, you'll be able to plan some romantic getaways, or splurge a bit more on a honeymoon. On average, an estimated 1.4 million Americans travel annually for their honeymoon; the money you save by opting for small wedding packages could make sure you and your partner are included in that number.

Personalized Experience

With a small wedding, there's no need to worry about "what people might think" if you don't have the most traditional set-up. A small wedding is all about you and your partner, meaning you can include or skip any parts of the ceremony or celebration you want. Your wedding will be truly your wedding, and can be an experience that's a perfect milestone in your relationship.

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