Your Tiny Wedding: Why Indulge in a Quiet Getaway


As you do your research and plan your big day, you're finding that a tiny wedding sounds ideal for you. You only want your closest friends and family at your wedding, or perhaps you only want you and your beloved to attend your intimate, special event.

Having a smaller ceremony and reception not only costs less, but it gets you off on a great start with your new spouse by keeping stress at bay. Set the ambiance and intimacy of your smaller wedding by engaging in a quiet Amish-style getaway. Or, indulge in a relaxing honeymoon complete with massages, glorious landscape views, and a quiet, peaceful atmosphere you'll love as part of your vacation in Amish country.

As you plan your wedding, keep in mind the honeymoon. Since most people say that speaking to one another and having that one-on-one time to connect is vital to a vacation, you want to do your best to create a honeymoon that provides a romantic experience you won't forget.

Your elopement or very small wedding will be made even more memorable and glamorous by the right vacation destination. Discover why you deserve to be pampered on a relaxing and simple honeymoon with cabin-style lodging.

You Leave the Stress of Wedding Planning Behind

No matter how small a wedding is, the stress that goes into what you have to do to plan the big day can be a burden. The best way to recover and re-energize after your wedding is to have a simple, retreat-style honeymoon vacation in Amish country. You'll receive simplistic amenities so you are removed from modern technology, which allows you to reconnect with your new spouse in a whole new way, sans distractions.

As you take in the scenery and enjoy your Amish country lodging, you'll be able to relax and remove yourself from the busy and stressful world you've left behind. You focus only on your new marriage and what it will bring to your life, and there are many vacation activities you can take advantage of.

You Continue the Intimate Appeal of Your Wedding

Your wedding is simple and engaging, so your honeymoon should be as well. You want to continue that same intimacy by keeping your romantic getaway sweet and simple. As you plan your wedding, try to keep the honeymoon along the same lines so you can keep the same feeling of joy and contentment going throughout the festivities.

Your Amish-inspired honeymoon gives you the time to be intimate and engaged with your new forever companion, which is the best way to start a marriage off right. Your wedding or honeymoon planner can help you arrange a great getaway that will make your experience unforgettable.